Santa Rosa Yacht and Boat Club


What are membership fees?

$172.00 per month payable with credit card, auto pay bank check or personal check.

Can I rent my slip?

Yes, you take care of all the accounting on it and just add $59 when you send in your membership check. Total Check $172+$59=$231 per month if you rent it.

Can I have my boat launched anytime?

Yes, anytime we are open. 8-5 in winter and 7-6 in main season.

How do I get in after hours?

Pass code on Gate, changed on an annual basis or as needed.

What are insurance req?

$500,000.00 liability as SRYC as named co insured.

How is the facility managed?

By a Board of Directors with staff operating under them.

Do you have reserves?

Yes, reserves are fully funded under the Pooled Method and a Reserve Study completed out to 2047.

How about assessments?

Last, assessment Hurricane Ivan. Less likely now with full insurance on docks but always a possibility.

Can I put in a lift in boat slips?

Yes, bod approved, permits required from city of Gulf Breeze. Boat lifts must use composite pilings that match SRYC’s and filled with concrete.

How do I launch my boat?

Just text to launch phone and we will launch your boat. 850-503-9165

Do you have ice?

Yes, we have ice for all members and fuel customers with limits during peak times.

How long are leases?


How to I get condo docs to review?

We email them to you or will be on web site.

What payment forms do you accept?

Credit Card, Bank auto check or personal check.

Do you have fuel?

Yes, we have the highest grade of fuel we can by with a great additive already in it.

How secure is the Marina?

We have security cameras, people always around sometime, gate code locks and pass codes.

Is there a fee for new owners?

$300 initiation fee.

Why are slip rates different?

The owners of the slips set the rate.

What is water depth?

Variable depending upon location.

Is the facility Pet and Kid friendly?

We welcome everyone that wants to enjoy the club and maintains the general common sense rules.

How do I get started?

Just contact us, pick a slip from our availability list, we test fit it to make sure it fits, sign docs, have insurance and pay first month rent. Easy.

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